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How Do I Change My Life, Lose Weight, Find Love, Make Money & More: New Years Resolution Strategies For Any Time Of Year

By Sari Mustonen-Kirk Thursday, 9 January 2014

 The New Year Ė Putting Your Best Foot Forward

How Do I Change My Life? Lose Weight? Make Money? Find Love?

Before we start on todayís blog post, Iíd just like to say a huge heartfelt thank you to everyone out there in Sydney, New York, Helsinki, London, Christchurch, Israel and everywhere else in between!

uROk recently turned 10 years old and weíve touched over 4 million peopleís lives in a positive way thus far. Our goal was to reach 10 million so weíre well on our way Ė and with the ripple effect who know maybe weíve even passed that goal already. Thanks to your continued support, weíve had over 3.7 million subscriptions to our podcasts and over 1 million plays and downloads on top of that. And thanks again to you, weíve stayed in the top 20 iTunes self-help podcasts since we started back in 2006 and in the top 5 top stations.

Thank you Thank you Thank you! Now onto the subject at hand ..

Iím always interested when people ask me Ďhow do you do as much as you do?í because I think the better question really would be Why?

How do I mother 3 kids, stay in love with my husband after 23 years, keep fit and happy, and find time to nurture friends and family - even writing a few best-selling books and podcasts in the process? How do I cope with lifeís little crisis and not allow them to derail me from my bigger picture? (If youíre connected with me via Social Media, then youíll know what a comedy of errors the last 18 months has been for me personally! So itís not always easy for any of us)

But the short answer is I donít really know or think about the how, because the why is ever clear. My purpose is to steward the lives of my children toward greater independence and personal joy,: to love and support my husband and to continue building and growing my business and producing new and exciting works for you and, of course, having the occasional giggle with friends and family. Thatís about it in a nutshell. Anything outside this scope is a nice-to-have not a must-have! And in order to achieve my purpose I must be fit, healthy, energetic, happy and focused. I donít need to think about being happy, fit or focused Ė all of that comes as a by-product of living a life fuelled by vision and purpose.

In environmental terms however, perhaps I do get more done than most because I donít watch television, read many novels or even fashion magazines (any more that is). I try to use my time according to my greatest priorities and values in life. If Iíve got time to read I prefer to read research or catch up on the latest news over at Mashable. Ė go geek girl! If Iíve got time to watch Iíd rather write and produce more works for you.

Thatís not to say I donít Ďwasteí time every now and then, but if I do so itís by choice not default. Iím clear on how I want to feel in my day-to-day life and I seek to plan my days around maximizing those feelings: joy, energy, love, challenge, achievement, connectedness. I use my heart to guide my head. Never once have I found true success when my heart hasnít been in it. Iíd rather feel my truth than merely look like Iím living it. And so the secret sauce to every magnificent life is exactly that Ė a secret. A secret that only the heart can know and feel.

As the New Year begins to unfold Iíve noticed two very different types of mentality at work in people. There are those who bleary-eyed and bed-headed are still getting over their New Years hangover, making up excuses about getting started, getting going or even getting up! And there are those (congratulations uROk-kers Iím talking about you here!) who have already embraced their next year of life with passion, vigor and plans.

Now, if youíre stuck somewhere between the two, donít sweat it yet. Iíd like to share with you some ideas on how to get from rotten to rocking. Whether this is the year you finally sort your finances out, shift those extra kilos, regain your flexibility, find more me-time, fall in love and/or start your new career, the starting place is always the same.


Why, do you want to change whatever it is that you do. Why do you want to lose weight? Why do you want financial freedom? Why do you want to fall in love? Iím not trying to be facetious here, because the answers arenít as simple as they may appear on the surface. If you can get to the root cause of your Why, it will propel and motivate you further and faster towards your ideal state. Letís take the example of losing weight.

Why? Because I want to fit into my old jeans. Why? Because I always felt sexy in those jeans. BINGO! Light bulb moment Ė they made you FEEL sexy. Itís the feelings we chase not the things. So if you want to feel sexy again perhaps you donít even need to lose any weight. Maybe your body has changed. Maybe you were underweight in the first place. Perhaps you just need a wardrobe update - styles and cuts change. Then again, perhaps you really do need to lose weight for health reasons, and maybe more than you thought in the first place to regain that feeling. Regardless of the action, it's the feeling that should guide you.

And once youíve got that feeling youíre after, locked down tight, dig beyond that feeling and ask Why? Why is this feeling important to me? Are there other ways I might be able to feel my desired state without taking the first and most obvious actions?

In our feeling sexy example, maybe weight is not the issue at all. Perhaps itís your Love segment that needs attention? Maybe even your ĎSelfí segment? Now I donít want to lose you here, if you havenít done the uROk 33 Day Challenge yet and are not sure what Ďsegmentsí are all about, so Iíll digress.

The best way to figure out where to start with your New Years Resolutions to ensure they fit with your big picture life vision is to undertake the uROk Personal Inventory and to take the uROk Personality Profile quiz.

Within ten minutes youíll be armed with a wealth of information about yourself and a renewed clarity on what your priorities and focus really need to be for this year to move you step by step towards your ideal life.

Hop on over to the Members Lounge and take both tests, then revisit your action plans for this year. Better yet, grab a hard copy version of the u33dc from the shop or pre-order the new E-Book at gumroad.

Speaking of the new E-Book, Iím pretty excited about putting the final touches in. Iíve included previously unseen examples of my other change exercises (used exclusively with my consulting clients) that are bound to raise a smile whilst bringing renewed clarity to your goals and plans. Weíre also rolling out the new series of premium podcasts and a brand new app later this year. All in all itís going to be a fantastic 11th year for uROk Members and Partners.

So as I leave you today, Iíll ask you to think about it again. What is it you really want to achieve this year? How will it make you feel, and why is that feeling important?

My Ďwhyí is what drives me everyday and my values show me the best Ďhowí and Ďwhatí forward for me. I donít really think about it much beyond that. My goal is to allow life to ebb and flow as it will, endeavouring to ride the currents in harmony. (That doesnít always happen though and I am known to resist on occasion. Lol.)

To notice the little things because Iíve already thought about the big ones. To be clear on how I want to feel on a daily basis and to seek to create a life that honours those feelings whilst serving the greater good accordingly.

Itís from these wellsprings of clarity that we can then build the necessary resilience, forgiveness and gratitude that puts the real icing on the cake of life. As we grow and mature, itís wisdom we all realise weíre looking for. The blue-print to life, the secret to it all. Perhaps however, there is no blueprint and it's up to you to make yours up. If thatís the case then getting clear on those three things...What? How Do I Want to Feel? and Why? are all critical to the whole deal.

So before you forget Ė head over to the website and do the inventory Ė youíll rate yourself according to your own scale in each area of your life, health, wealth, self, love, work, create and why. In a couple of minutes youíll get your personal satisfaction score for each segment and your overall life-pulse. What you do next is up to you. Iím here to help. Email me or connect with me on Facebook to let me know how you went.

Until next time, its love and light from me as always Ė dream your life, live your dream and remember uROk!



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